Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tervis Tumbler Product Review

Have you ever heard of Tervis Tumbler's? Well several years back I got hooked on these great products. Check out their website. The tumblers are just great. The nice thing is that they keep cold things very cold and hot things warm. They do not leave rings on the tables and the tumblers are double walled so they reduce the amount of condensation that would happen on the outside of a cup.

What I love the most about them is that they are guaranteed for life. I have had a few tumblers that have small cracks in them. I sent them to Tervis and they send me back a brand new tumbler! You do not have to provide proof of purchase and even if the cup is 5,10, 15 years old they will still send you a new one.

Check them out online. I have purchased them for Christmas gifts and have over 20 of these tumblers at home! Right now there is a more you buy more you save special. This goes until December 1. If you spend $55, save 10%, $75 save 15%, $100 save 20%, $125 save 25%. Use coupon code BMSM2008

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