Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Energy Saving Challenge Update

Back in October I started to find ways to reduce my gas and electric bill. To my surprise, my family has done a great job. I am a bit surprised because the weather has been a bit colder this year and I have been having to use the heat a lot.

Here is a recap


REDUCE Gas & Electric bill $$'s from July 07 to June 08
Money spend from July 07 to June 08 $2213.48

Check out my previous post for full details

July 08 to October 08 Usage $'s $627.01
This is a reduction of $153.61 so far! My goal is to reduce my energy expenses by $500 for the year. Only $346.39 left to go!

Things that I have done:
Unplug things that we don't use all the time and even if they are used once a day I still unplug them. (Treadmill, toaster, blender, printer, computer, cell phone chargers, etc.)
Combined loads of whites with my kids. We all do our own laundry but have been sharing the load of whites to take it from 3 loads down to 1.

My electric company shares your gas charges and your electric charges and gives you a review of the same period last year and compares it with the same period this year. While the average temperature last year was 60 degrees and this year was 54 degrees, I still saved money. My gas charges went up but my electric charges went down from $2.51 per day to $1.51 per day! Wow!! What a savings I have noticed just from unplugging things and by watching what we are doing around the house.

My next step is to get a programmable thermostat for the house so we can adjust it at specific times.

Take a look around your house tonight and see if there are things that you really don't use that often that you could unplug. I bet you can find at least one thing that you could do this with and you could be on your way to saving money too! Share your stories and give some more tips on how to save around the house.

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