Wednesday, July 29, 2009

FREE Product Samples

Interested in trying something out but you don't want to pay the full price and find out you don't like it? Well ask me for a sample and you can try it out. Leave me a message here on what product you want to try a free sample of and I will see if I can get you one to try out. Isn't that just great to be able to pick what free sample you can get?? I see a lot of you have entered my giveaway and are interested in trying out a product. Now is the time to ask for a free sample and I will mail them right to your house!!

So leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you and provide you a free sample!!!

There are some great new products out there like the new Tinted Lip Balm!! The free samples on this are just great!! You got to try one.

Visit my Mary Kay Website if you aren't sure what product you would like to try!!

Super Saver Mommy

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mary Kay Giveaway Limited Edition Tropical Pineapple Gift Set

So to start my first month off in Mary Kay I am starting it off with a great giveaway!!

This a $30 Limited Edition Tropical Pineapple Gift Set!

So I have been wearing this lotion and using this product for the last week. So far I have had 2 people ask me what is that you are wearing, you smell great! One of them was my teenage daughter so it must be HOT!

I want you all to have the opportunity to try one of these by entering my blog giveaway!!

Here are the ways to enter and you can get more than one entry by doing multiple things.

1 entry for checking out my Mary Kay Website and sharing what your favorite product is

1 entry for twittering about this giveaway. Make sure you leave a separate comment that you twittered about this giveaway!

1 entry for following my blog! This will be a great chance for you to stay on top of all my giveaways! Planning on doing once a month for a new Mary Kay productm and more!

2 entries for checking out my Mary Kay Website and registering on my site

5 entries for checking out my Mary Kay website and purchasing product. Since this is my first month I am offering a 25% off to all new customers! Register now and add the comment NEW2U and I will make sure you get 25% off your whole order plus free shipping. If you spend over $40 you will get a free compact and 4 mini eye shadows!!

You can get a total of 10 entries to win this great Limited Edition Gift Set!!!

Good Luck to all!!! The giveaway ends on July 31st and I will post the winner on the blog and hopefully they will do a product review!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My New Idea

So a couple of months back my sister starting selling Mary Kay and I thought to myself I really don't wear make-up and then realized Mary Kay is so much more than make-up. Again, I thought to myself gee I barely wash my face with more than soap and water. Not the biggest form of advertisement here now am I!!

Guess I have never liked my complextion. Thought I always had uneven skin tone, redness, my freckles don't help either, so this was my first real attempt in my adult life to try taking care of my face. The one thing I can tell you I noticed right away was that my foundation went on much smoother. All of that dead skin and dirt of my face was being removed. Since I wasn't really washing with product before this was all new to me. I was excited and realized I didn't have to put on as much make up either because it seemed to be covering a bit better.

So now I have started to sell Mary Kay more because I love the products and I want to share with others some of these great products. I am hoping all of my friends can check out my personal website and register and that way I can share monthly speicals with you and you can enter to win my great giveways!!

Check it out!!