Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Tins

So did you get any holiday tins this year? I got 4 this year. They are all different shapes and sizes and my thoughts as I finished using some of them was what do I do with them now? They are so good to have that I didn't want to throw them out but I also didn't want them sitting around just taking up space. So as I try to organize a bit this time of year, I found that these tins were quite useful in assisting me.

My first idea was to use them as a way to store my boxtops, caps and other items that I send in to my son's school. There are many great ways to raise money for schools. I do box tops for education, caps from Swiss Valley Milk and Campbell's points. What ends up happening is I save the caps, tear off the box tops and end up throwing them in the drawer in the kitchen. So I have decided to use one of these tins to help me organize my box tops and other items for when it is time to send them into school. This is going to clear space out of the drawer, help me stay a little organized and gives a good use for my tin. This way when I have to send them in to school I know where to look for them and they are organized and ready to go.

If you don't know about these great money-making opportunities for schools check them out. You don't have to have kids to do this. You can save these and drop them off at a school near you or a family members school.
We also go through so much dog food everyday and my son is in charge of feeding the dog. Sometimes it is hard for him to get his small arms down in those big bags. I am using the tin to put a few days worth of dog food in there and he can move this right over to the dogs bowl and fill them up. This has been a great help and a great way to use one of the cheaper tins that we received.

Did you get any holiday tins this year? What do you plan on doing with them? I still have two more tins left that I need to find a way to utilize at home. Share some of your tips with me and my readers on what you are going to do with your holiday tin. It would be a shame for these tins to go to waste.

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AmyK said...

nice Seahawks Tin full of popcorn etc that we plan to use as a cookie jar once its empty. :)