Friday, October 17, 2008

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month I am seeing and reading about everything that we need to be doing as women to get screened and lower our risks for this cancer. I hope you know what you need to do and if not check out the Susan G. Komen website on early detection and screening. Reading all of this made me call my doctor today as my last checkup was in January of 2007. I had meant to make an appointment earlier this year but with everything going on it seems that time slips away from us. We get so busy with the kids, work, and life that we forget to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. I encourage everyone if they haven’t made their annual checkups to do that now! Don’t wait one more day because you are too busy or don’t think it can happen to you. Those people who we work so hard to take care of everyday, our kids and family, need us here as long as possible. So make your appointment today!

If you don't know the story behind Susan check it out. It is a great cause.

There are many ways that you can give and support the fight against breast cancer. Check out some of the events in your local community and see what you can do. I know my sister is doing a Race for the Cure event in her local area with her employees from work. Her personal goal is to raise $100 for the fight against breast cancer and to help fight for a cure.

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Trish said...

This is so very true. I have two close friends who in two weeks time had lumps and had to be tested. They were both negative but it goes to show you that it is a cancer that is highly active in women and needs to be watched.