Sunday, October 19, 2008

CVS Challenge

This is my first week as a CVS shopper. The only time I have been in CVS before was when that was the only place I could find to use the restroom. So it was a big surprise to me that there were so many great money saving deals there. So here is my first week for shopping. I had no ECB's to use from previous weeks and only wanted to do one trasaction so I will use my ECB's I earned this week on my next trip. I know for sure there will be many more.

Here is what I purchased.

1- GUM valuepack of Toothbrushs $3.99
2- Brach Candies $ 2.58
3- 24 count Excedrin $5.97
1- Poweraid $1.69
1- Just for Men Hair Color $7.99
1- Pumpkin Pail $0.99
2- Funlight Glow $1.98
2- Colgate Total Whitening $2.69

3- $2 off Excedrin Total $6
1- $2 off Just for Men
2- $1.50 off Toothpaste Total $3

Total Coupons $11
(The store told me it was OK to use two $1.50 off coupons on the Colgate Total even though it was buy one get one free, so that was a bonus)

My total after tax was $18.41

I received $19.22 in ECB's that is a profit of $0.81.
There are two mail in rebates this week $8 for the Just for Men and $2 for the Excedrin. That is another $10. So I have a $10.81 profit this week just for shopping!

(The reason I only bought one pumpkin is because they hardly had any left and I really only needed one and didn't want another family that really needed them to go without but the limit was 2. I could only buy 1 toothbrush, even though you could get 5 packs, because there were no toothbrushes left! Good deal!)

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