Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Great Way to Support Your Charity by Searching the Internet

Have you heard of Good Search?

You can now give to the charity of your choice just by searching the internet. Good Search is powered by Yahoo! Every time you do a search on the internet it will give a penny to the charity that you have selected. You get the same great results if you were using Yahoo!

I personally have selected the money to go to my son’s elementary school. Is your child’s school not listed? Work with the school to try and spread the word. Get them signed up to start raising money for the school. So far this year my son’s school has raised $19. I know it may not seem like a lot but it is something that we have just started. If there were 1,000 parents who searched 2 times per day the school could raise $7,300 per year!

Go to the Good Search Website and select the charity of your choice and start searching now. Then spread the word to others on your blogs and let them know to start using Good Search also.

Share on my blog what charities you have start searching the internet for. I would love to hear about what charities others are supporting.

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