Friday, January 2, 2009

Money Making Opportunity You Data

I can't believe that I made $6.40 this week by checking in to a site, looking at ads and checking out websites. During this time I actually found a few sites of interest and added a few favorites to my site lists. If you are interested in making a few extra dollars each week by just visiting and checking out some websites you need to check out You Data.

You Data is a site where advertisers are basically buying your attention. You don't have to put anything on a blog or wait for someone to click on something. You visit and login to the You Data site and they give you opportunities to earn money. I visited sites such as Pampered Chef, All Recipes and many other great sites. This is such a great way to earn a few bucks.

On the main page click Sign Up to begin the process. I have the money deposited into my paypal account and every Friday they deposit the money in your account. What a great opportunity!


Richters said...

Thank you very much for posting this. I checked it out and there's a referral box at sign-up. Do you have a referral code that you can get credit for?

Diane said...

I don't have a referral code and can't seem to get one on the site. I just hope everyone can make a little extra money and that would be enough satisfaction for me!

Savvy Saving Mom said...

Thanks, Diane. Within 5 min. I had already made over $3!