Monday, June 6, 2011

First Post of 2011... Here, Home, Hope

Have you ever filled out a survey and it asks you about your interests and you check that you enjoy reading. Of course I always check that box. I love to read books. I find it relaxing to sit and get lost in a good book. Sometimes I even think about reading and hope that I find the time. When I think back at 2010 I sat and tried to think of a good book that I read. Did I read any books that weren’t related to finishing my MBA? Did I even read those books? Where did 2010 go? Thinking of the first five months of 2011 I’ve thought the same. With these memories being fresh, I know I have not read one book this year for enjoyment. I barely have read the magazines that I subscribe too. Why is it that I check that I enjoy reading but yet I never find the time to read a good book? Why is it that we just don’t find to do the things we enjoy?

I haven’t posted on my blog in quite some time. Last time was in 2009 and I must have been excited about a free taco! Where have the last two years gone?

What a better way to start out my reading for 2011 by reading a book called Here, Home, Hope by Kaira Rouda. I have never read any other books by this author so I was open to whatever the book had to offer.

The best part about a good book is that it is a fast read. The worst part about a good book is that it is a fast read. Some books you just never want to end or you just want more. I think Here, Home, Hope, made me want more. Not sure if it made me want more from myself or from the characters. Inspiring, motivational, and most of all it made me realize that we all make mistakes but in the end there is still hope for a happy ending for all of us if we put our minds to it.
The book has made me get back into writing and blogging a bit. I hope to make this the first of many great books for 2011. To all of you looking for a light, fun, fast, and inspiring read this is a good book to read.

Get to know the author and check out her webpage.

I love being a member of the One2One Network. If you haven't heard of them check out their website so you can enjoy great reads such as this also!

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