Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diane Birch CD Review

First off when I first got this CD I wasn't too excited to have to listen to this. I thought to myself great, not interested but let's see. So when I opened it up my daughter said to me, (who is 15), why don't you ever get any good CD's? I said well check it out and let me know what you think. To my surprise she listened to the whole CD. We were getting ready to drive somewhere and she pops the CD in the car and says let me play my favorite songs for you???? Yes, that many question marks came up in my head! First off, I wasn't expecting her to say she listened to the whole CD and then have her tell me she wanted to share her favorites with me!!! Excited...so needless to say this CD is pretty awesome. Cool enough for my 15 year old daughter to want to jam to it as we drive down the road. Some powerful and meaningful songs on this CD. I call it my Sunday afternoon CD. If you ever want to sit around and relax and listen to great music this is a CD for you. I have to say that REWIND is my favorite song!!! What a powerful song. Check it out on her myspace page for yourself!!!

Check out this link to listen to FIRE ESCAPE
Then check out Diane Birch on My Space You can listen to some clips from her CD on here also.

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